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I noticed there is literally nothing on here regarding Surf-N-Turf next weekend... is anyone here going? I'll be going with some friends (my FJ, Chevy Silverado, Jeep Wrangler, and an ATV), leaving that Friday afternoon from San Jose -- wondering if anyone else is heading down?

Here's a link to the event site:

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I have Veterans Day off but working the Saturday, we are slammed at work. 

I wish i could but im 9,000 miles away in UAE.

I am trying to go Friday, only day I can make it. None of my friends can make it so I've been trying to get some people together on FB groups and the fjcruiser forum but no luck

Just a PSA... if anyone is planning on going, you must call ahead and reserve a spot for your vehicle. There are limits on the amount of vehicles allowed on the dunes at one time. You can call or go online to reserve (and pay) for your spot. It's something like $26 for the weekend.




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