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Hey guys,

I just got rear-ended and am in need of a collision repair shop. I am going through my insurance (AAA), but I was wondering if anyone knows of any good shops for the FJ (and possibly if they are approved through AAA) in the San Jose area.

I need a new rear bumper and possibly a new rear door (the spare tire took the brunt of the impact, but it got pushed/dented into the door a bit so the door either needs replacing or hopefully the dent can be pulled out).

If anyone knows of someone, I would love the info.


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Sorry about the collision but might be a good opportunity to get an aftermarket steel rear bumper, standard or swing-out!!! Id bet the Toyota plastic is about as much as an aftermarket?

I went through Michael J's Auto Body on W. Taylor st via AAA as well. Check them out.

I went with ServiceKing, one of AAA's recommended shops. There were a few iffy reviews on them but mostly good. Turned out perfectly, they did a fantastic job. Got a new rear hatch and bumper!




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