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Hey all

Have any of you had your alt fail yet? Mine just died at 97K miles. looks like about 200 - 250 for a replacement.


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Mine failed/replaced at 70K.

I have a (used) spare  (P/N 27060-31120) oem alternator if you need one urgently.

Thanks Nestah

I'm probably gonna get the 130 Amp alt. I'd like to find a new one, but that's a tough one.

Napa has a 150 Amp reman for ~$250. I can find 100 Amp ones for $140 or so. I'm gonna open it up and see if the brushes are dirty. It just failed, like the rectifier has an open diode. I'm also gonna check the 120 Amp fuse.

P/N 27060-0P020 is the OEM 130A Alternator for the 4.0 V6 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport with Tow package

When you see the -84 at the end of the P/N, the part is a remanufactured.

Thanks nestah. That is good to know

Keep us posted woody, I'm still waiting for mine to go.




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