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UPDATE: volunteer agreement form has been attached below (see "Attachments" under the roster). please complete the form and submit it to Cathy Bounds of Eldorado National Forest by any of the means listed below:


Complete the form and mail to:

Attn: Cathy Bounds

Eldorado National Forest

4260 Eight Mile Road

Camino, CA 95709


Complete the form, scan and email to:


Complete the form, scan and FAX to:

F: 530-647-5311 (Attn: Cathy Bounds)


please complete the areas highlighted in yellow.


once you have submitted your form, please post up here or PM me (potatomutato) so i can make note of your status on our roster. no volunteer work will be credited unless you have signed and submitted a volunteer agreement form.


please contact me with any questions. thanks!



hey, NorCal!


DWH and i are pleased to announce that NorCal FJs has plans to adopt its first trail in Long Canyon. Long Canyon is located in the Eldorado National Forest.


by adopting the trail, we will be scheduling trail cleanups and maintenance runs approximately 3-4 times throughout the season. cleanups include trail clearing (e.g. downed trees, overgrown brush, rocks, etc.), signage repair, and water flow maintenance. paperwork is being finalized at the moment and if all works out, we will be paying our first visit to the trail in the late May/early June timeframe.


in the coming weeks, we'll begin discussions regarding our stock of equipment (e.g. chainsaws, shovels, winches, etc.) and recommended items (e.g. gloves, protective eyewear, hard hats, etc.), so please keep an eye out for the discussions.


depending on the total number of volunteers planning to assist, we are asking all volunteers to plan for a minimum of two visits to the trail throughout the season. we will limit the number of trucks on these volunteer runs to 8-10.


if you are interested in volunteering, please post up here and we'll keep the roster updated. thanks!


Volunteers (20 - official)

DWH - form submitted

Sonof40 - form submitted

DivnGirl - form submitted

CV Kurt

Back in Black

Bossquatch - form submitted


GHOST - form submitted

PRS TiFJ - form submitted

MoreFJland - form submitted

Estysalinas - form submitted


Botched - form submitted

5AND5TORM - form submitted



NDA431FJr. - form submitted

progrock - form submitted




BigFish - form submitted


Moab FJ & CA Annie



Alvin - form submitted

jr vong - form submitted

rotorhead94 - form submitted

opg4759 - form submitted

FJ Cruisin' - form submitted

Marauder713 - form submitted

potatomutato - form submitted

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Hello Darrel,

I Hope all is well.  Thanks again for coordinating this cleanup effort.  It's great to have a legal way to get out there.  Plus we get to maintain and show that we care about the trails too.

I noticed that I'm not highlighted in green "submitted", however I did submit the forms as stated (last year).  My we need to fill out the form every new season?



You only need to fill out the forms once.

Thanks.  I filled it out & emailed it again today, since my previous one might have been lost or something.  Anyway, it's done, mine's in.

Form completed and emailed to Cathy Bounds


bumping this thread. would be good to see more folks volunteer some time when the trail opens again. given the amount of snowfall so far, it may be sooner than later.




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