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Selling my Goodyear MT/R with Kevlar, full set of 5, un-mounted, have right about 5,000 highway miles on them, so they still have lots of life left. They are the black sidewall (no white letters)

Only off-road once. Still have most of the "whiskers"

$800 for full set of 5 (that's half the original cost)

They are a good tire, just a bit aggresive for what I needed. 

I'll get some pics and add later tonite.


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damn thats a hell of a deal! cant wait to see some pictures 

Add pic's to original post, plus a couple more here.


I'm telling you, it's a conspiracy! I just ordered 4 Toyo Open Countrys from a buddies uncles shop. for almost twice the price and in 295s. I woulda snapped these up so fast if I'd seen them yesterday morning.  Oh well, it's only money. Great price on a great tire!!!!

If only I had a set of 17s to put them on

PM sent.

I am really interested in these tires and was wondering if you still have them for sale?  If so I would love to buy it from you. I also sent you a message however I was told you needed to accept a friend request in order to receive the message.  Thanks!




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