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This is some pictures I had from installing the 3" icons. Its pretty easy to do.

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Thanks! Nice "write up."

Thanks for checking it out

Great write up on this and your other videos too! :)

Thanks.... Its just some pictures from my phone. I had them for a while before I made the videos. I figured somebody would like them, lol

it looks really good!

Nice!!!  Thanks for sharing!

It's not as easy as you make it sound... either that or I was doing things wrong, or the parts on my FJ were so dirty that bolts were sticking.

I had a helluva time swapping out my coil-overs and UCA's. But my coils are extremely stiff so I didn't have much wiggle room when putting it back together.

It was pretty easy, but I work on stuff for a living too. This was the first FJ that I did. When doing the coil overs, did you do them as an assembly? What I did was take the sway bar ends loose, took struts loose at the top, then broke the upper ball joint loose, pulled the bottom off and pulled the strut out, then the upper arm. And going back together, coilover assembly top and bottom, upper control arm, then sway bar. By taking the upper ball joint loose first and putting it on last it gives you all the room you need and then some. Like that its 30 seconds to set the coilover in, push a bolt through the bottom and start one on top to hold it in place. If you ever work on something dirty or rusty, get some "PB Blaster" it works very very well, the best penetrant I have used.

The coil-overs were fully assembled. The ball-joints were really pressed in and dirty. Plus I was lacking the correct tool.

I have the Toytec coils and they are REALLY stiff. It's like a pogo stick.

Yeah you got to have the right tools... I never compressed the assembly, the lower drooped enough to fit it. I do have a clam type spring compressor if need be. A good pickle fork that fits the ball joint. (I have like 3 different sizes) And a 3 lb drilling hammer and a good smack. Or many times you can just ring the spindle and it will pop out. Not a super hard hit on the side but a sharp hit to make it ring. Then when it resonates it will usually shake loose. I saw your post on it and how tough it was. Sometimes there is one that will be a bitch. Its done now though so that's a good thing.

Thanks for checking out the video too.

Yeah, I had to rent a Pitman Arm Puller to get them loose. Just a few turns and they popped out. Only after cutting off the ball on the top though (they were pretty much destroyed anyways and it made things easier).

But while installing, I noticed the CV joints were oozing grease. I think it's time for new ones.

Yeah you should of done them while it was apart. Just do it before it flings all the grease out and then you need a joint with the boot.




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