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I have an all original 1974 FJ that has been sitting for a decade.  I am looking to renovate it and of course the question is how much do I want to spend.  I am looking for a good mechanic to do a compression test to see if the original motor is OK and then go from there.

If anyone can recommend the following in the Sacramento area




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If you are interested in doing restoration work yourself then learning how to do a compression test ought to be top of the list. It is very easy to do and you will learn both the dry and wet test and have instant news on your cylinders/rings/pistons evaluation. This is the basic test everyone (should) performs when buying a new vehicle, done it dozens of times. Since you own the vehicle you can drop the pan and check the lower end bearings too, easy.

Course, the next question is; Renovate to what extreme?

Good luck with the project. 




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