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Took home a 2012 Iceberg FJ Today, I'm now official.

I've been actively looking for an FJ for about a month. I couldn't really decide on a color nor, if I wanted to buy new or used. I worked first with the dealer closest to me and got to know one of their younger salespersons pretty well. Once the wife and I decided on a color, we also decided we wanted new since we are planning to use the FJ as a daily driver.


I called around several dealerships within 150 miles of me, no one had an Iceberg in stock for over 2 weeks so we kept searching. Then the other night, I saw a piece on the local news about the Costco Auto Buying program so I gave that a try... the next day I received 3 calls from 3 different dealerships... their pricing was identical.


On my way home from work last night, I received a call from Vacaville Toyota, the same salesperson I dealt with from Day 1. I spoke with him earlier about the Costco Program and how I was contacted by other dealers... anyways, he called me on my way home and said to me "I was just walking around the lot... Guess what's on the transport right now?"


I dragged the family to the dealership that evening and worked the deal. He beat the prices the other dealers were offering so I am very pleased.


He wasn't kidding that the FJ was literally off the transport. The FJ had 2 miles on it!


Since we got to the dealership so late, the banks were already closed so I couldn't get a cashier's check to them until this morning. "What a feeling... Toyota!"


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Comment by potatomutato on January 4, 2012 at 9:26pm

wow!...great story. belated congrats on your new FJC! two miles!...that's awesome. thanks for the tip about the Costco program.



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