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I have a Warn Medium Recovery set (88900) for sale.  It's brand new.  I haven't open it yet. This came with my new winch as part of a promotion, but since I already have this kit, it's up for sale ($140 obo).  I'm also open to trade.  Thanks.


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I'd be willing to offer a locking rooftop jerry can mount or my practically new rear door multiplex (see for sale add in fj items) in trade if you still have this set.
Aww, I gave this to my brother-in-law for his 4Runner. I was actually looking for a jerry can mount for the FJ Summit, but I can't go now and registration is pretty much full. Does the jerry can mount fit with a Baja rack drop-in basket?
It hooks to any rack. Basically bolts through the bottom... Kinda sandwiches the roof rack between the bottom of the holder and plates underneath held on with nuts. There's pics of it on my FJ on my page.




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