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My clutch is basically gone. Its slipping pretty bad. Does anyone have the URD stage three? I already purchsed it since I was in a bind and it was cheaper than the stock one from the factory and gadget is having a special with a lighter weight flywheel which I got as well. only 10 bucks more than the stage two. So if anyone has any thoughts... feel free. Otherwise I will give everyone a full update once its installed.

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Bz I think has the URD clutch
He has the stage two.
round one....

I burned my stock clutch in 82,000+

Mark burned his in 52,000-ish?

round 2 available on NorCal Pay per view------

I have a 1,300+ mile head start...

My URD stage II with stock resurfaced flywheel vs. Mark's stage III with brand new lighted fly wheel....

order now.....
opps that's a 13,000 mile head start ........
Hey Guys,

URD stage three with the lighter fly wheel takes some adjusting to drive compared to the stage 2 without. I think its the lighter flywheel.Medium/low RPM starts get a bit jerky but once out of first gear you can really feel the clutch grabbing and propelling the car. Its strange to rev the car up to have the clutch perform better. I haven't tested it off road quite yet. I will let you know after Pismo. I have dropped it in 4 low to pull some stumps out though and the response on the clutch is really good. Nothing to complain about yet.
Did you do the install yourself ?? if so how was it to do ??

And how in the hell do you burn out the clutch at 52,000?????
I had a local guy put in my clutch although he said the way that it installed he didnt have to drop the tranny and it was more or less bolt on. Even though Toyoya specs say that you have to drop and drain the whole thing. Took him about a day and charged me 500.00$ to do it.
NASA is currently looking into how a clutch lasted 80k+ with Brandon driving. That clutch material may be used to upgrade the next space shuttle.

That being said, who only got 52k? and did Brandon "test drive" your truck while you were away?
Um my truck lasted 52,000... and I drive like a stock car driver on the road. I am far from nice on my trucks moving parts!!
Reminder to Suecyde: When in the market to buy another FJ.... stay way from this guy!




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