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Hello everyone, I guess since Ny Nomad PCSed (military jargon for changed duty station) to Montana, I have become the unofficial planner of the Spring Fling. Im looking at my schedule and was thinking of having it on April 3rd - 5th. We have it at Jawbone state park just about 15 mins north of Mojave, CA. I will post the Camping spot with Sat photos and Google maps on how to get there. Last year we had it in the middle of march but because of how the weather is supposed to be this year i want o push it back by a few weeks. Im down for any suggestions as this is my first time planning a trip like this but it will be my third time down there. The Lat Long is 35.322119, -118.077812 for anyone who wants to look it up.



Here are some pictures from last year.

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Fantastic, thanks!

like Kabe said a hand heald will work just fine. I installed a cobra 75 and a boztec mount with a 3 ft firestick 2. And it works great. the trails are not hard we had a stock Tacoma run with us last year and he made it just fine. And my TT is still as stock as it came. Camping is just an open area with a Porta style hard stand. There are no showers but it is a very family run event. Some of the socal guys are coming with their girl friends and maybe some kids. We don't really get crazy persay. We just want to have a good time.

Hey Paul,

I'd like to go but...The suggested location is pretty far away from the Sacramento area (6.5 hours each way).  A few years back Potato(steve) planned a High Sierra trip off over Hwy 395.  Check out the thread

It was an awesome week of wheeling.  The base camps at 9K feet, with a pretty cool assent to the spot. best part is that there are plenty of great trails near by...also 20 Miles from Mono Lake.  The central location is ideal for all groups, So-cal, Cent-Cal and the Nor-Cal about 4 hours from each location.

Just a thought,


I totally understand the drive part. The only real reason why we have it at jawbone is tradition. It's been there for the last 3 years. Also with hwy 120 closed till may it would be a 9-10 hour drive for me. But if you need a place to stay while on the road we can make that happen.

I'm in Bakersfield if you wanna crash or take a break from driving.

OK everyone I just wanted to make sure that easter is cool with everyone? I didn't realize that it was easter that weekend but now that I think about it maybe it is good because people will have that weekend off. 

I think it's a cool idea. I'm there with my daughters. I wonder if the store will be open???

I could call and fine out.

Where are we with this? Is this happening?

The weather should be awesome next week...

Its happening! Wish I could make it but I'm not as closely located as I wojld like.
Spring Fling 2016... there just might be some t-shirts!!! Stay tuned!....:-)
Has this excursion been revived?




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