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Hello everyone, I guess since Ny Nomad PCSed (military jargon for changed duty station) to Montana, I have become the unofficial planner of the Spring Fling. Im looking at my schedule and was thinking of having it on April 3rd - 5th. We have it at Jawbone state park just about 15 mins north of Mojave, CA. I will post the Camping spot with Sat photos and Google maps on how to get there. Last year we had it in the middle of march but because of how the weather is supposed to be this year i want o push it back by a few weeks. Im down for any suggestions as this is my first time planning a trip like this but it will be my third time down there. The Lat Long is 35.322119, -118.077812 for anyone who wants to look it up.



Here are some pictures from last year.

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I looked it up on CA State Parks and it looks like I'm cool to bring a small teardrop trailer in, correct?

That way the wife will come along and then you guys don't have to hang out with me. Trust me, you don't want that.

oh yeah you can bring that is you want. and all are welcome.

Hey, I just noticed that April 5th is Easter. I'd love to spend Easter in the desert. I don't know if anyone else has family commitments, but it's something to think about since we are still 2+ months out.

Oh, and you can put me ad my 2 daughters down as a for sure.

Hello. I hope I'm posting correctly in response to this. It's my first time using the forum, though I joined over the summer. 

I'm not 100% certain about my availability on these dates but I wanted to check in about a few things. 

- I don't have a ham or CB so I'd be interested in purchasing a handheld item. Recommendations? 

- I'm running all-terrain 285/75/17s with minimal lift, maybe 8 months from replacement. It looks like the rocky part of the trip isn't too crazy...? I could probably spring for new tires before this trip but it would be nice to know if that's a *necessity.* 

- I'd be bringing my woman and two kids (boy and girl, 7 and 9). The video makes the trip seem pretty heavy on bros and light on family. The GF and kids would definitely need the shack toilets so hopefully they're plentiful. 

- Will that campground take conventional tent stakes? I'm a foresty camper, this would be my first time pitching in sand and desert rock.

(I see Niko is on this thread--he's the one who urged me to join the forum last summer when we spoke at Armadillo Willy's in Cupertino.)

Hey hungriest,

As far as a cb (which a majority of us have;some have HAM) a handheld cb will most likely do just fine for these trips. The downside to handhelds is their lack of range. You can drop a few more bucks and get a mobile unit, antenna, Bandi mount and coaxial cable and have it permanently in your rig. But a handheld will work and any handheld really will do (on the lower end of cost).

I would bring something more heavy duty than regular tent stakes as it gets extremely windy in the evening and night. I was a mountain and beach camper before my trip 2 years ago down there and my buddy's tent was demolished with regular tent stakes......I'm sure Paul will chime in and tell you of his gear. I sleep in the FJ.

As far as the kids, it's cool! I'm bringing my 12 and 14 year old daughters. On my last trip there was 3 kids (2 years ago) and they were treated like royalty by everyone. It's a great time with great people.


Thank you for the quick reply and helpful answers, Mike! 


Last year, I bought (used, from a member on here) a Midland 75-822. It's kinda neat, in that it can be handheld or mobile - you detach the battery-pack and attach a adapter in its place that has a cigarette-lighter plug and a SO-239 for your external antenna.

I'd suggest getting your technician ham license, though. The test is really easy (multiple-choice, and the question-pool is public) ... I've not actually used the CB since I got it last year - everyone seems to be on 2m ham now (good!)

I think the Midland combined with a Wilson Lil Wil antenna works great. I got my setup from Nick at Ex-Cop Offroad and it worked great on our 3000 mile road trip. Nick is a radio nerd. He also runs Vegas FJs, and he leads the Nevada ghost town tour in the spring.

Thank you both for the make/model referral and links. The Midland sounds like a safe bet. 

Hey, Niko, I went to check out Vegas FJs because I'm intrigued by the ghost town tour. Looks like only facebook members can enter, which rules me out at the moment. Do you happen to know the dates of the ghost town excursion for 2015? 

Here's the link to the 2014 Tour report in the Blue Room.




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