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As our network provider becomes more and more popular it becomes an attractive target for spammers. Recently, we've detected a couple spammers breaching our network and leaving comments for members. We have managed to nip in the bud their efforts, but several of you may have already received email notifications of their efforts. We suggest deleting them immediately.


The messages that are left on your profiles are generally pretty vague and do not include anything about our network. Generally, their efforts are to entice you into clicking a link out of curiosity and/or habit, an act known as phishing. If you receive any suspect messages or posts to your profile, delete them immediately.


These spammers oftentimes create new profiles in the early hours of the day making it difficult to catch them. Luckily, we have a few night owls who never sleep and curb such attacks as quickly as possible.


We will continue to be vigilant and add increased deterrents to fend off these spammers as our network provider continues to grow in popularity. If you have any questions, please direct them via PM (private message) to potatomutato

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