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Hey Guys Im looking to put a Snorkel on the Truck since I'm planing on a few dessert runs next year and want clean air to the engine. we all know safari, but was wondering if anyone recommend any of the other aftermarket brands. also i would like to remove the pre cleaner.

Any Recommendations?

2008 fj

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I installed ( with Nestor ) the PRG 411-S snorkel in Dec 2012. I have pics on my page .It has worked flawlessly since we installed it.

 It cost a lot less than the ARB, I think it was $175. I also have the 41/8 inch hole saw if you want to borrow it at some point.

Steve Hope.

Pathfinder Outdoors snorkel,.. Lots of heavy off roading, no issues. If I get a pre-cleaner I'm getting a Centri ..

Also, if you don't want to drill holes into the already nicely painted OEM fender you can buy a replacement fender from for $40+shipping. All you have to do is put in the wrench time to swap fenders, drill holes and paint if desired. Both Rockauto fender and Pathfinder snorkel for less then the other $450 snorkel option.

Another location is here from  Cost is still high though.


Here is another  link to the same thing.

Steve Hope

I've had my eBay snorkel for a year. Some off problem!
Any of the Chinese knock off snorkels work. I have a random one and it survived my roll over so they Imo are just as good as safari




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