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I recently purchased a condo with a 1-car garage. The problem's a tiny garage. My FJ won't fit unless I remove my roof rack. I read some threads in the blue room about possible leaks and worried about getting my headliner wet. I have to get this done otherwise I would have to park it outside (and I want to avoid this). Does anyone have a delete kit available (slightly used or new)? I'm willing to buy them. They're pretty expensive on ebay.

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I have the delete kit on my fj, im willing to sell it but curious if youre selling your oem roof rack?
Aw, I just ordered the kit from TRDParts4U and it has shipped already. Sorry, I'm going to keep my OEM roof rack for now since I have a baja rack basket for it that I still use.
Just a recommendation, slightly loosen each bolt a little at a time. Work your way around loosening each one a little more on each pass by. You might want to use some of your favorite bolt/nut loosen chemical a few days in advance.
Thanks for the recommendation, David. I've heard horror stories about the rack being taken off the wrong way. I would like to avoid that as much as possible. Also, I just got a BMC done on my truck today from Chance. He was great and his work was awesome! Thanks for the suggestion.
He did my BMC too. Great work and guy.




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