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I've been checking out metal tech & all pro, but man they're pricey LOL.  Anyone here have used ones for sale or know any other brand I can look at?

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Stan at toy out fitters used to make some for about 300. They changed their name to hardline fabrication and I don't see them on their site anymore. Biggest issue with them is the johnny joints are huge and don't fit most mount armor. Sonoran steel makes some for 310 as well.

Site member @ChanceHokanson makes a set for $375. I bought my All Pro's shortly before Chance released his version.

Your best bet is either a group buy/deal or looking on the blue room for a used set since there is more traffic. 

Sometimes metaltech will offer promos on their links though. 

CalFab is at the top of my list

They are easy to make if you have the tools... :)


I have Total Chaos all the way around

Just saw that Brian @ Diamond Axle is making a link kit for our FJC's.  I have his axles under my FJC and they are bulletproof. Pretty much everything of his that I have bought is top quality.  Super tight tolerances and everything is machined.  Looks like he sells them in multiple configurations.

Does it squeak since one side of the lower link doesnt have rubber bushing and both sides are heim joints?




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