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Please respond on the event page.

The meeting will be at the Camino Forest Service office.

4260 Eight Mile Road
Camino, Cal.  95709

10:00 AM

My Forest Service contact told me he is trying to put together a system where volunteers (that would be us) will be patrolling several trails on the weekends.

Duties would include:

  • Driving the trails
  • Answering questions
  • Handing out Tread Lightly and other literature
  • Talking to people about better practices on the trail when we see them doing things that jeopardize our right/privilege to trail access.
  • There would be NO enforcement duties. Putting ourselves in harms way is not a part of the plan.

We may get T-shirts and and magnetic door signs for vehicles.

There would only need to be two vehicles in a Patrol.

Camping would be available for overnight stays.

We could do a group camp and take shifts patrolling.

Possible trails would be:

  • Long canyon
  • Cody 4x4
  • Other Forest Service roads in the area.

I want to gauge interest level and let him know. 

Post if you would be interested (This is not a commitment)

  1. Robo
  2. Cowboy
  3. UlySi
  4. Sonof40
  5. PBn'FJ
  6. Revoked
  7. bkreese
  8. Scott Serl
  9. Steve Hope
  10. Ghost
  11. Blowtorch Betty
  12. FJ Luvr
  13. JagyPNF
  14. MoreFJland
  15. Mike Oliver

A nice list so far!

Time to revive this old thread.

Our Forest service contact notified me that he would like to put together a meeting to talk about the trail patrol mentioned above. It would be in the next few weeks, probably on a weekend. 

I would like to have as many people as possible attend. When I get the date and time from him I will pass it along. Meeting will be 6/22/13.

Please post if you would be interested in attending.


Orange indicates attendance. 

1. Dominator

2. SonOf40

3. BigFish

4. Scott Serl

5. MoreFJland

6. Steve Hope

7. Stinger

8. Back in Black

9. Revoked

10. Quadloco

11. PBnFJ

12. JaqPNF

13. Bkreese

14. Sandyann

15. Potatomutato

16. Divngirl

17. Alan Olson

18. DWH

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Interested. Sounds like a great idea.

That sounds like a good plan.

Count me in!!!!


I'd be interested

I would be into doing that!



Yes, we would be interested in non-camping day patrols.

Steve, Tricia and Conor.

interested as well

I'm in!

I'd be interested. Thanks!




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