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Just wondering if any of you have installed these. I just bought a new FJ and want to put them in. I would love to hear from someone who has done this and get opinions/suggestions. Thanks

Does this sort of mod void any warranties?


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May be worth reviewing this thread

super helpful thread, thanks  - I really want to buy one window only and will see if that option is still available. If not, I'll see if anyone on this forum wants to split a pair with me.


I believe Nestah Edition in Vallejo installs these, as does FJ Parts Warehouse in Hollister.

my neighbor got them installed, they are sweet im going to buy a pair. look on you tube easy to install by your self. does not void any warranty. FJ FREDOM WINDOWS

will order tomorrow, I'll post some pictures when I get my FJ and get one (or both) installed.  


Ok - so they won't sell me one - Anyone want to split a pair? I would prefer the passenger side for my dog. Let me know. I'll don't mind buying em up front and then selling you one.


I installed mine easy enough. Getting the glass out was the hard part. It would have been easier just to break it and go from there! One suggestion, upgrade the foam sealing gasket. The thin piece that comes with the kit lets a lot of wind in on the highway.
Did mine myself. Got a windshield replacement kit (tools) from harbor freight, yes the crappiest tool store ever, but I must say some things bought there actually work quite well. Easy to do just take your time.

yep,, pain in the neck to get the original window out just go slow with the "piano wire".  I wanted to keep the original window in case I ever want to glue it back in.

I have had mine in for a year now. still really like it. I mostly leave the window out and in the supplied case. Put it in when it is raining hard. Taking it in and out scratches up the paint in the one corner of the opening. Oh I also had to put a bar across the opening cause my dog figured out he could just jump out! Probably keep the thieves from crawling in too.  

Can you put some pics up here, I am somewhat interested in this too, bit hot in Sacramento to leave it open in the summer but might be good to have. Thanks.


Heheh, they'd have to be some skinny thieves to fit the opening! Glad it went well for you. I kept my originals too...

Yeah I though that too, till a 148 lb friend climbed right in, just one shoulder at at time!




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