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(Cross-posting from FJC at the suggestion of someone over there.)

After 3 months of searching I finally found a ride - via a post on one of the FJ Cruiser FB pages.

My new truck is a 2013 TTSE - it's stock except for the Baja Rack on top and the rock rails. I've got aCB radio and hood decal on order and added a factor55 hitchlink in the back so I have at least one recovery option. After running around in Death Valley this weekend, I'm also thinking about RotoPax or some kind of other fuel can, because I was burning through a ton of gas relative to the size of the tank.

My long-term plan is to add a 3" lift and a bumper with winch - I'd like to do some backcountry camping, I'm not planning to do any crazy trails but I want the ability to get myself out of unexpected trouble since I may be the only vehicle around.

The two photos below are from Death Valley, the first is near Ubehebe Crater and second is on the trail into Titus Canyon.

A few questions while I'm here:

* Any recommendations for shops to do lift / bumper work in SF or Oakland?

* Does anyone have a mat or carped to protect the back of the rear seats when you have cargo in? They seem to scratch up really easily. (I have a rubber mat for the regular cargo area. Alternately, is there anything that can just protect the whole cargo area and seat backs - I've seen things like that on other cars.)


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Howdy from Yosemite.
Welcome from sac. Nice fj.

Welcome nice choice 

Welcome to the site, hope to see you on the trails.





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