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Just bought a new 2013, Heritage Blue, my first FJ. I have been wanting one of these for a long time.  I would like some advice on setting priorities for adding Skids and Sliders.

At this point, I want to do some light to medium off-roading and maybe take my small trailer into some more remote areas. I want to start adding protection but will have to do it piece by piece. 

What would you add first to start off roading?  Sliders/skids? which skids are most important?

Also I will look at the forum for trails, but is there any dirt I can get on near the East Bay, El Cerrito specifically?

thanks - great forum!

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'07-08-09 are different from '10-11-12-13-14. 

They are not interchangeable.

Got the sliders on - now am thinking of skid plates. Will probably have to buy them one at a time.

If you could only buy one, which one is most important. I was thinking gas tank but . . .

My preferred armor upgrade order:

1) sliders

2) replace rear control arms

3) rear lower shock mount armor

4) engine / transmission skids

5) rear diff skid

6) exposed rear control arm mount armor

7) other skids

And replace bumpers somewhere along the way...

Cost wise, I'd do the skid plates (that is all but the rear-diff and mount armor) all at once... as the money saved is enough to buy some of that armor.   I have most of the above purchased (all but 6) and hoping to get most mounted this weekend (tried last weekend and ran into problems... rounded off bolts).

If anything, at least replace the tin skids with real ones. Ricochet, BudBuilt, All-Pro, Asfir, and anyone else all make good skids. I'm a fan of the ricochet, but that's just me. 

IMO i would do front and transfer skids first. Gas tank would be last if at all. I am partial to Budbuilt but ricochet would be my next choice. 

Actually, I would not buy a gas tank skid ever again. The factory plastic one is fine. I bent my bud built gas tank skid, and it would always hang up on rocks from then on.

I talked to Mark at Metal Tech, and they run budbuilt skids, but only the 3 piece. They run the stock gas tank skid. The theory is that your tank will flex if you slam hard. And it fits tight. I know they redesigned them, but if you're trying to keep the cost down, get the Engine/Tranny skids.

That's interesting, I got under my FJ today to look at where the damage really is after several trips over rocks on various trails. I have Ricochet front lca skids with minimal scrapes. Factory tin engine plate has a good ding in the center but still clear of engine. Minor scrapes on factory tin skids at trans. no scrapes on factory gas tank skid. Major scrapes on Boztec diff skid, some scrapes on hitch receiver.

I chose the boztec as my first aftermarket skid after I scraped the aluminum diff case. Defo buy the diff skid if you are even thinking about negotiating rocks.

Steve Hope.

I was under my rig the other day...   aside from the obvious hits on the engine and transfer skids, gas tank, muffler, etc....  I noticed the passenger side rear control arm upper mount was slammed damn hard, pushing it bit outward.   I'm going to get these beefed up and protected a a local 4x4 fabrication shop.

On sliders, I don't recommend OEM... they simply don't stick out enough and are made from very soft steel.




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