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Just bought a new 2013, Heritage Blue, my first FJ. I have been wanting one of these for a long time.  I would like some advice on setting priorities for adding Skids and Sliders.

At this point, I want to do some light to medium off-roading and maybe take my small trailer into some more remote areas. I want to start adding protection but will have to do it piece by piece. 

What would you add first to start off roading?  Sliders/skids? which skids are most important?

Also I will look at the forum for trails, but is there any dirt I can get on near the East Bay, El Cerrito specifically?

thanks - great forum!

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Welcome aboard,

Depending on how hard you decide to off-road, and especially on rocks, skids are ideal protection.

However, I have wheeled my 2012 over Long Canyon Trail and a few others with only minor damage to my factory sheet metal "skids". If I get into more serious rock, I will defo add aftermarket skids.

If you travel alone you might prioritize a winch first, with a good front bull bar. Self recovery is important.


Steve Hope.

since you have mentioned that you would like to do light wheeling, I recommend sliders they will protect your sides way more then the stock side steps. I recommend Metal tech or all pro sliders


All pro:

IMO skids are ideal but the stock ones are good enough until you feel the urge to get crazy. 

as far as recovery goes... never travel alone in areas that are of more difficulty. if your on fire trails or light beginner trails you should have a high lift, straps, tire patches and an inflator. a winch is good to have but not necessary it s always best to find people with 4X4s to go wheel with you especially areas you are unfamiliar with or can be technical

cheers and welcome to the fj family!  

Amen to that because I was going to add  buy a rough country/ome/procomp/revtek/icon/toytec 3" lift something anything  it will be the biggest benefit offroading you can purchase.

Agree with all the above from RJ, the need for tire plugs, air compressor etc, becomes a lengthy list after a while. But do go wheeling with companions and tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return. Best advise is ENJOY the trails and tread lightly. And again, welcome.

Steve Hope

I have Demello sliders, BudBuilt front/engine/trans/case/gas/diff skids, Icon A-arm skids, Redline LCA skids, Metal Tech upper and lower control arms, and FJToyman rear shock skids. I recommend all of them, though I would go with a Boztec diff skid if I had it to do over again.

The nature of the FJC keeps it from sky-high lifts, so skids are pretty important, at least I think so. My pickup has almost no skids on it - but it's on 37" tires with a 4" lift.

Congrats on the purchase.  I'd go with sliders first, I have the Demello kick outs and really like them.  All-Pro, Metaltech or Demello have comparable slides it's all on your intended uses and style.  I've had 2 FJ's now and modded both out like advise, is do a bunch of research, put careful thought into what you want as a final result. 

I''ve seen stock (4x4) FJ's handle most of the trails in the area without issue.  Tires, Lift, recovery gear, sliders and CB's would be a good start.  If you plan on playing on the rocks then get skids.  Good luck.  John

Definitely sliders first, something with a kick-out is the way to go IMO. Then spring for skids as you need them unless you have the money to buy all at once.

wow, great responses and super helpful.  I was thinking of getting sliders first, but mostly for Looks :), I definitely want to take my time. I just finished building a trailer and want it all to work together. Actually might have to lift the trailer with an off-road axle before putting too much into the FJ.

So I am going to get some sliders. Already ordered a cool steering wheel cover. Then I'll see how it goes and buy skids as I feel I need them.

We have a LOCAL guy that puts out Sliders and Other Parts for our FJ's :) BAY AREA METAL FABRICATION out of Vallejo, CA. Check 'em Out!!!

Out of Benicia, CA. Sorry. :) hehehe :)

There was a deal on Pure Sliders at the FJcruiserforums, so I just ordered them, free shipping. damn, this is going to be expensive huh!  Can't wait to meet some of you guys out there!

Am finding some used stuff - do you guys know if body parts are compatible from 2007 up or did things change on the later models, specifically will any skid fit any model?



I think 06 to 09 are the same then in 2010 Toyota made a few big changes ( the oil filter changed from spin-in type on top at left rocker cover to cartridge type on bottom of engine, with a switch to synthetic oil requirements.)

Most skid manufacturers quote these years for their lines.06-09  and 10 to 14 .

The sheet metal factory engine skid is pretty different from 2010 on.

External sheetmetal likely is the same for all years. I don't think the body tin changed at all.





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