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Hey everyone. 

I had my Fj for 3 yrs now and would like to add a tow hitch. I like the OEM one but I read that it is not compatable with the Trail Team edition which I have. I just wanted to know if its true. Also I would like any recomandations on a hitch, It will most likely be used to haul a u-haul mini trailer. 

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I'm sure the TT has the correct holes for the OEM hitch.  I think the only reason its "not compatible" is because there is not an original black trim with the hitch cutout.  If that is the case, get a silver one with the cutout and paint it black.  Plasti-Dip time! :P

I remember trdparts4u carried the black valance for a factory hitch receiver for the same price as a silver one. I looked into that option a few years ago but went with the ARB rear bumper and their hitch receiver.

trdparts4u is Toyota of Dallas. They have great prices on lots of FJ parts.


Ditto to both ideas. I've bought items from TRDparts4u and found them good to use.

Everyones comments are correct.  I have the 2010 TT and it came with the black valance.  At the time there was no black valance with an the cutout so I bought the OEM hitch, used a donated silver valance with the cutout and painted it black.  Worked perfect for almost 6 years so far.  Trdparts4u now sells the black one with notch part # PT228-35110-HC

I have my hitch on my 2012 TT and i got all of it from the dealer. I cant remember how much I paid for it but it was one of the first things i did when i got it. 

Oh if you look in my Pics under "My Own Little Install day" I have some there from it.




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