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That's off the hook! I guess they had to pull a gear/shaft on the rear diff for that?

I need a tire rotation, think they could help me? :-)

Steve Hope

They had it easy, they only had one lug nut per tire.. hehehe

That is just crazy. That Music was getting a bit annoying after a while..

Man I turned the sound off right away!!!! And that should be a caveat in the first post!!

Wonder if they can do the two-wheel thang  on the passenger side too? With a few guys coming out the back window they could do a tire rotation in 10 mins!!! Takes me 30 mins!!!!

And notice how smooth that road is. Its no US interstate!  Boy, they would be back down on 4 wheels in no time on my local highways. Or on their roof!



The most amazing thing about this is that they fit 6 adults in the FJ.




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