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Hey all you badass FJers,

My name is Laura, and I just bought an 07 FJ over the weekend! I am new to the West Coast ways (been here for a year now) and new to Off-Roading (can wait to get muddy). I am here to mainly understand proper maintenance, modification, and use of my FJ so not only does it get me to the places I want to go, but lasts another 200,000 miles as well.

When I am not FJ cruising, I am busy working in the Ecommerce/ Ski Industry in Downtown SF. I also live in SF. I snowboard as much as I can, hike, bike, motorcycle, among other hobbies!

I would like to meet up with other FJ folks in the city (whether with our FJ's or car-less)! 

One of my main questions I have is, what is arguably the first mod I need to do to my FJ? what's most important in order to get me from urban point a to remote point b, keeping in mind I am mostly exploring to Tahoe, Mammoth Lakes, June Lakes ect.


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Welcome! I too am around the SF area so hopefully there will be a meet and greet eventually to get us all out of the house again. As for modifications, all depends on your budget and what you want to do wheeling wise and what is already done to your FJ

Howdy from Yosemite National Park! Hopefully you can pass thru here on the way to one of the great destinations.

I agree with others, for winter driving, new tires was a good choice. A matching set of snow chains is of course a must, but I've never used mine. I've only shown them to CHP at chain control checkpoints. My philosophy has been, if it is so bad a 4WD vehicle needs chains, it's time to turn around and have some coffee or hot chocolate until the road improves.

Cowboy has a good point about the antifreeze windshield washer fluid. I think it is illegal to sell in California, so I pick up a case or two when I pass through Nevada.


I agree with the chains on a 4wd mean machine. I will definitly pick up this windshield fluid, thanks for the tip!

Welcome to the group. I am 15 miles NE across the bay from you.

First mod, that is a good question... The first thing I did was exhaust, that's always the first for me. Tires are always good or lighting for the snow and such or how about a rack for a board or bike.


You will have a blast in your new ride, trust me

First mod? No doubt that should be a snorkel. Tires aren't a bad idea, though.

ps. don't listen to me about mods. my first mod were stickers. gave me a 6" lift (in spirits).

I've got Firestone Destination AT's already so I guess that first mod is done. 

I put a sticker on mine too! :) a Liftopia one (where I work).

I was looking at the snorkel, the glare mod for the hood, and as far as whats posted in the Blue room in "The first $2000" So I can make it home in one piece (physically and financially).

1st Mods, 3" lift & 33" tires, rock sliders shortly after.

First mods for me: 

Rock sliders (so I don't tear up the sheetmetal)

Skid plates (so I don't tear up the underside)

Real tires (so I don't get stuck as often)

side window deflectors/Ventlock (so my head doesn't get blown off when I roll down the windows while driving)

They Guy I bought it from has Firestone Destination A/T 265's, back set is brand new, front set is halfway there..I think these will be okay for now, I'll got 285's after they wear down.

I definitely want sliders, underbelly armor for sure. Snowboard rack first! Fat Cat 6, anyone have this? I think it may clear my garage though I saw a setup in the Blue Room that had it where it was flush with the OEM rack if needed.




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