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Hey all you badass FJers,

My name is Laura, and I just bought an 07 FJ over the weekend! I am new to the West Coast ways (been here for a year now) and new to Off-Roading (can wait to get muddy). I am here to mainly understand proper maintenance, modification, and use of my FJ so not only does it get me to the places I want to go, but lasts another 200,000 miles as well.

When I am not FJ cruising, I am busy working in the Ecommerce/ Ski Industry in Downtown SF. I also live in SF. I snowboard as much as I can, hike, bike, motorcycle, among other hobbies!

I would like to meet up with other FJ folks in the city (whether with our FJ's or car-less)! 

One of my main questions I have is, what is arguably the first mod I need to do to my FJ? what's most important in order to get me from urban point a to remote point b, keeping in mind I am mostly exploring to Tahoe, Mammoth Lakes, June Lakes ect.


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welcome aboard! lot of boarders on here, so you'll fit right in. my first mod was better tires for off-road and snow, then progressed from there.

i've been meaning to set up a social in SF as there are a lot of folks up there and it has been a while since we've had one. keep an eye on the events calendar.

Yes,.  Welcome aboard. Good advice has already been given, good mud/snow tires. Even if you head up to Tahoe on the allegedly "all-weather" I-80, you will still get chain controls and even closures occasionally.

Enjoy the FJ and never be afraid to post up a question, lots of help on this board from the easiest to the most technical someone here will have an answer or be able to point you in the right direction. Also, establish a page and post up pics.

Good luck,

Steve Hope.

Thank you! So luckily I bought it with a brand new set of on/off road tires. Though I don't have the ability to say what kind they are or size, they are Firestones.

Glad to be apart of a chain of support! I am coming to understand this forum like facebook, but in many ways (better ways) not exactly facebook.

"Not exactly facebook" in that girls that I don't remember from high school send me friend requests, only to tell me how yummy the frogurt they just had was?

Haha that's why this place is better.

Welcome to the madness i'll let the other guys comment on mods

Welcome to the club. 

Hydee ho Laura! My O7 is getting closer to the 200k milestone. I have traveled many moons in blizzards. Other than some decent tires the most key mod for those conditions is to replace your windshield washer fluid to some "-20" stuff. You can pick up some around Tahoe or Nevada. The +32 stuff ices up and becomes an issue.

How is it holding up in the 200k range, I am about 60k away. I figure I can get 400k out of it. 

Thanks for that windshield fluid tip! I will pick that up on first snow when I get to Tahoe!

I won a drag race last night against a new Honda then proceeded to distance myself in the one lane twisties.
9Ball is running like a champion! He is a bit over 181,000 miles and looks fresh! 400k is a reasonable thought.
Funny! I pulled up to a light last week and two Acura integras were racing beside me. When the light turned green and their tires chirped, I hit the gas. The guy gave me such a sad and surprised look as I slowly passed both of them. They ran away at the next intersection.
Haha! Great to hear the race winning and the high mileage love.




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