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I figured you guys would love this. I created this custom logo and have a crowd funding style T-Shirt company making them. Please support if you like.

Jeep Recovery Team T-Shirt

I also have a black logo and a hoodie version here: Clever T-Shirts

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I would be careful of trying to sell something with the actual Jeep logo on it. Technically that's copyright infringement.

Thought go that. I actually used a openly available font, it just happens to loo like it. I am prepared to make a version with all the same text though.

PM me to order one of each Thx. I wonder if i can change the FJ color to VooDoo blue?

hey mny_maker

i still want mine to say jeep recovery team

Whoops. Didn't realize my text never showed up. 

I have all version pulled. Even using the word JEEP in a different font. Fail. Oh well. 

Jeep contacted you?

No. Teespring just removed it. No option to dispute or repost. This was the second time, when i changed to a matching font (no jeepish font). Now I give up. Considering making one with just RECOVERY TEAM instead, but keeping the bogged down jeep

Let me know if any of you would be interested in a version that just said RECOVERY TEAM, with the same picture. I will throw one up if I get interest. 

Just spell it Heep. Everyone including Jeep will get the joke.


I second Son of 40's "Heep" idea.




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