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Hello folks,

I partnered with a talented  FJ Cruiser fanatic to put this shirt together for sale. It's available here:

FJ Cruiser TEQ Shirt

Thanks for looking!

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Got it , it looks great! :D

Next time go for american apparel t's!

Glad you like it.

AA is nice when the shirt sells. When they don't sell you have boxes of expensive inventory sitting in your I do :(

If it it makes you feel any better, I promise to buy any shirt on par with this one. :)

Thanks! My next FJC shirt is pretty one of a kind. You got me thinking that it deserves to be on a higher end shirt. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for your orders! If you didn't get it yet, it's definitely in the mail.

Nice shirts and stickers man.

Gonna have to head over and gat me one.

: )


I'm printing tonight so you'll get it in the mail soon if you order a size between M through 2XL today.

Just ordered one of everything.

: )

It's in the mail! Many thanks ;)




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