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Finally got rid of the stock tires.  Went with Hankook Dynapro AT-M.  A friend of mine who is a long time off roader (Baja 1000, 500) and dirt biker recommended them. As he is been doing this his whole life, I trust his opinion.

What a difference!  So far have performed great in the first 5 or so mile :)

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Cool. It is always fun to get new stuff on our FJ's. Right up a report when you have been off-road with them and you have more miles on em. Also let us know how many miles you get and how many you got on the stock tires.

will do Steve!


Did some mud and snow off road in Utah last week. Loved the tires, they seemed to float through the mud and did not follow existing tracks. Very stable and nice. Not so great in the snow although it was this re-frozen crap.  I am adding a gerry can for extra gas to the roof rack. We went off into BLM land in Nevada and had some close calls getting to the next station. i also want to add some driving lights and am looking into roof rack vs bumper options.  For now, the roof rack solution would be alot cheaper than adding a whole new bumper.

Nice, and proving again that its always more fun off road with an FJ .

Just back from a trip through Southern Utah.  Went from Moab back to Kanab on dirt and alot of off road.  Tires have about 20000 now and  I am still loving them. I have not yet had them in much mud though, we didn't have any rain the entire trip. They seem to handle most conditions well and are great on the highway too.  Happy so far and still waiting to see how much mileage I get.

Now I need to upgrade the suspension and wheels on my trailer. I have had to leave it behind on a few roads.

I used to use those on some of my work trucks. Its a good tire.




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