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Hey Guys and Gals,


I have 63,000 miles on the FJ and this annoying stupid check engine light pops up on my dash coupled with the all the traction control lights. Christmas tree on my dash. So I did what any normal person would do and I took my car in to the shop where they proceeded to charge me a 150.00 bucks for service check. Well they sent me home stating nothing was wrong. All they did was clear the code and sent me on my way. Not even a day later the lights were back. So this time I checked the code with an OBD2 code reader to verify that it was the same code, which it was. P0420 Catylitic converter is below threshold. I looked the diagnostics up on the code and found out the issue could be three things or a combo of those three. Leak in the exhaust, cats are bad, or O2 sensors. Turns out that the manifold, and pre cats were bad. Whoo hoo.. So the guy at the dealer calls to tell me what was wrong then proceeded to tell me that they may not be covered under my warranty. So when he hung up the phone I went on a research binge. I found out that my extended warranty in fact does not cover cats. However my original warranty (only for emissions) actually extends to cover that portion only. I guess in our no fun state of CA they finally did something to benefit us. Since this was an emissions issue they put on all new manifold, pre cats for both banks and all new gaskets and new bolts ( guess my truck was a bit rusty) gee wonder why..........


Moral of the story.... ummm...... its fixed.

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you lucky bastardo! congrats! I just threw the Thorly y-pipe in and re set the lights when they show up hope to get some headers soon too
I suppose I'm lucky.. they could have upgraded me for free :)
congrats! on getting your rig fixed.. When we seeing you again Rocky?
Lets have a meet :)
Hollister Saturday?
Cant this weekend. Wifes been gone for a week for work and she is coming home today. Pretty sure I will be at home this weekend.
Well if you weren't home this weekend it would insure many free week ends to come.
When we will see you again Resty?
Good info Mark
let me know if you need more info. Dublin Toyota was where I took it. Oh and they did reimburse me for the original 150.00 that they charged me for. :)

At least you did not have a rat get in your engine and chew thru wires.........


3500 later it was fixed... Thank god for insur....




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