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Eldorado National Forest Chainsaw Certification Class

The Eldorado National Forest is offering a class for certification as a sawyer. This certification is to be used in conjunction with with our adoption of the Long Canyon Trail. We typically run the trail 3 to 4 times a year to clean up trash and maintain the trail as needed. 

Here is the text of the email he sent me.

Hello All.  I just talked to Marc so here’s the latest and greatest.  Feb. 21stand 22nd works for Marc, but he has to see if his assistants are available.  Feb. is getting into training time for fire, so he has to check to see what others schedule is, but he will let me know ASAP if Feb works.

Also, it looks like the saw class for new certs is now a mandatory 2 days, one in the classroom and one in the field.  The days will be a Sat. and Sun.  For re-cert, Marc is almost sure you only have to attend the field class, but he’ll confirm.

Marc is working on a firm date for the first aid class and as soon as he gets a firm date I’ll let you know, but it will be before the saw class.  Marc is going to limit the class to about 25 or so, but if we get a lot more, Marc has no problem putting on a second class, so we will be able to certify anyone who wants it.  Keep me updated with a count on members who will be attending the class and I’ll keep Marc updated.  Thanks and it should be a fun weekend!

Note that this will be a 2 day class. There will be a list of required materials coming as well. 

The location will be the Forest Service Office in Camino, off of Exit 54 on Highway 50

If you want to attend or have questions, post them here and I will get them answered.

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Hi Daryl could you please tell me the age restriction on this chain saw cert.  I would like to do this as a father/son class.

Conor is 12.


Steve Hope.

I will ask.

He did not say what age would be allowed, but 12 is not old enough.


See added event as well

Do you know if there is any cost to cover any supplied materials?

The only supplied materials are worksheets and reading materials. There is no cost for these.
I believe you are required to bring your own safety gear. Safety glasses, chaps, earplugs, gloves, etc. And a chainsaw.

There is no cost for the course.

Please note this has now been revised to a TWO day class instead of a three day class. 2/21 & 2/22

This sounds good. I have been wanting to get into this class for a while now..

Let me see whats going on at the end of Feb for me..

What kind of first aid class is it? can we just take that portion?

I am pretty sure it is a basic first aid class and you can just take it. I will check.

I will not have

Thanks for coordinating this.   I'm interested in attending the sawyer class - how can i signup?   is the first aid class required for the sawyer cert?   Also any recommendations on a 18" chain saw?  


The first aid cert is not required to take the class, but it is required to receive the sawyer certification. I was able to take an online first aid course and it was accepted.
I went to Camino Power Tools in Placerville by Home Depot for my saw. They carry both Stihl and Husqvarna. They will be able to give you a better recommendation than I would.

To sign up just send me a message with your first and last name and I will pass it on to the Forest Service.




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