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I have a camping trip coming up with my cousin, and we are planning on just finding a spot in the woods to set up.  Right now we are looking at Icehouse area, but are open to other suggestions.  I would like to be on or near water if possible.

Is it possible to camp here at Stumpy Meadows? 38.89209, -120.58122

The biggest problem is my cousin is going to be following us in his girlfriends Kia car...

Anyone been there before?  He made it up to Usal Beach in that thing last year, but thats not too hard.

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Well cross Stumpy off the list - dispersed camping isn't allowed

Icehouse as in "Icehouse road" in the Rubicon area?  I have been on a few camping trips up around Loon Lake and know there is camping on the South side of the dam.

At a camp ground?  We are trying to find a spot that allows dispersed camping.

Icehouse is awesome! Sites are near the lake, but not directly on. They have water spigots and bathrooms.

Woot! More good norcal camping talk. I want to find good, remote places.

Just got back from Bear Creek up in the Mendocino National forest.... It is an hour plus back into the mountains above Upper Lake. Says you have to ford three streams but it is only one small one that lets you know you are about ten minutes out. Sign for camp is gone but stop by the ranger station in Upper Lake and they'll give you a map... Bear Creek is at essentially the end of the road so you'll get there! creek is the link. little stream runs adjacent to the camp sites, there are plenty of trails to explore all pretty easy with Cow Mountain not that far... fuel, food and water, are that hour plus away so we kept pretty close to camp and it is pack in and pack out as well as bear country. Absolutely beautiful! Watch for the dirt bikes on the one lane dirt road but al and all pretty fun going. The US Forestry Roads although are mostly dirt are pretty well maintained with just some rough patches. My truck is more pre runner than crawler so we really enjoyed drive with the AC and CD going as we blasted through the mountains! And yes we saw a bear... (one ran from the meadow than across the road when we were driving out)

Thanks for the tip - sounds like a really cool spot, but I am not sure if their tiny little POS Kia is going to make any stream crossings.

I saw a Prius do that stream crossing last June (not exactly sure if fording streams is a good idea in an electric car?). 

Ok, added back to the list!

Sounds like a sweet spot. Definitely adding it to my list for this summer. Thanks!

Check the link there are several camp grounds in the area several are dispersed...  Only Bear Creek requires the fording of a stream.

There a number of nice remote sites by the creek/river  up the road and behind Ice House Res.  Some have log deck type spots that you can drive a car to with out any trouble.  I would shoot for 12N40, 12N40A or 12N99 or 12N99C area.  These areas are off of Road 11N37.

If you look around the area there are other areas worth considering.




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