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Where is the closest place to Livermore to get one? A lot of people are using the sequoia page here: but is is outdated (2011). I don't want to drive 3 hours to get one, and all the websites are confusing as hell.



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Keep in mind that a campfire permit is also required if you will be using a portable stove or lantern outside a developed campground or recreation area. It's not just for campfires. When campfire restrictions go into effect, stoves are generaly exempt with a campfire permit.

 I like how they have a cheat option.  Not that it was needed : )

If you do a search on Ranger Stations you should find a local one . I can tell you if you want a campfire permit for anywhere east of Sacramento, you are probably out of luck! The fire danger in the Sierra's is "Extremely High" for the forseeable future, no fire permits are being given out  from now until at least  the first rains.( That was the latest I heard at the Ranger Station in Pollock Pines two weeks ago)  Hope this helps.


Glad I came across this old thread. Was about to ask the same thing.




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