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Don't know if we are idiots and our gauge gas ran out (no warning light) or we got screwed at the dealership.

Someone tell me while I sit in this tow truck if $40 would last an entire week city miles going back and forth to Pacifica twice from the sunset and other various places all through the week?

I calculated about 145 miles since the dealership, had a quarter tank filled it to 3/4 on last saturday when I picked it up

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There is a 3 gallon warning light in FJ's.

In other words the yellow light shows up in the gauge cluster when you have 3 gallons remaining.


No gas light showed itself. Just shut off in the middle of the intersection at a red light. Turning over with intensity so didn't sound like a battery issue, though I left the lights on earlier, wouldn't shut off in the middle of being on..right? Self doubt taking a win right now!

Ha thats what you get for 3/4ths... if i'm pumping its all the way. 220 miles and its time again..  I can get 15mpg if I hyper mile like crazy. You should have a gas light long before you run out, 145 miles? you must be racing light to light. Any adventure you walk away from is a good one enjoy it.. and gas is cheap, try blowing your rear end or front wheel bearing then you get to ride home in the tow truck too. if it cranks your battery is great.

///  I can get 15mpg if I hyper mile like crazy./// I get 19 mpg regularly and I cruise at 2k rpm (70mph) on the freeway all week long.


Update, ran outta gas meaning faulty gas guage

///Someone tell me while I sit in this tow truck/// Did the tow truck driver add a gallon? So you could get on your way? That is something they do on the freeways and major roads here in Sacramento, so I hear.


No he didn't have any which was aggravating.
For the record, I hadn't been driving it all week and I wasn't driving when it broke down, my girlfriend has been lol

/// it broke down//     or     /// ran outta gas///  



Showing our age and nothing to do with FJ's but a similar problem, my wife just recounted to me a clutch cable breakage on Mission in 1976 on her way to a Grateful Dead concert, she called her dad to pick up the car and hie-tailed it to the concert. Dad got the car and wifey saw the Dead on time.!!! That's commitment.


there has been a case of bad sending units in FJs your dealer can handle it but might be spendy if you have a regular shop I would take it to them or you could bring it to me and I know what's involved and can do it right

Yea the dealer will be useless, Chrysler dodge jeep..I may take you up on that! Would it be worth getting the Scan Gauge II or if the sensor if faulty now will it read faulty off the scanner too?




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