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Hey guys my rig is at that point where I need the 30,000 mile work done. I wondering if anyone knows what all needs to be done for this inspection. An thing will help


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This is what Piercey Toyota recommends for the 30k service:


I don't recall, but it will be pricey, yet try this trick.  My engine compartment was filthy, and I played "Let's Make A Deal" with them.  I agreed to the service, but to do their mechanic (and me) a favor, I asked them for a free engine compartment detail before the mechanic did the work.  They bit, and it came back showroom clean.  I've done it once more since then. 

where did you take it? Merced Toyota?

Clovis, my perm. home is east of there (I avoid the Fresno dealer and use Selma as a second choice).

I use the Merced one. But I'm thinking doing the work myself.

I think it is all in the manual in the glove box and not difficult to do and not a dealer requirement as long as you keep receipts.


ok cool thanks steve.

Hey bro, you know, just looking through the manual at future services, I am at 40K, there really is not that much

in terms of difficulty if you are willing to do the work yourself. 

Checking fluids, then replacing front and rear diff fluids and transfer case, and engine coolant are not difficult if you

are up to it. Changing plugs, brake pads, etc are straight forward if you have a jack, stands and hand tools .Lubing the drive line and re-torqueing the U-joint bolts are easy.

Personally, I am done doing tire rotations, they are cheap locally for me and I do that every 5K. It used to take me an hour of physical labor to rotate five tires. :>)

Google the service and see if its something you might want to do. My warranty is over so I don't care, but if you still have warranty, keep receipts. No manufacturer can force you to service your vehicle at their dealership.

Steve Hope

ill take a look, thanks steve





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