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I received an email from our Forest Service contact. Looks like the work to mitigate the Long Canyon Trail environmental issues and open it back up for regular public use is starting next week. 

Originally they were going to ask us to come up and help out with some of the work, but now they believe they have it handled. 

Below is a link to a description of the upcomong plans for various trails.

Future Updates can be found here:

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Thanks for the update and being "the guy" on this.

Yes thanks for being the's been really nice of you to keep options open for us!

Thanks for the update. Do you think you might plan a clean -up trip to LCT  any time soon?


There was a small cleanup run done a few weeks ago, run by another member. So I do not think we need another yet. You can always arrange a patrol run.

I would be interested in a "Patrol Run" Saturday the 19th. Will bring my son, we are both signed up with FS and ready to patrol. What steps do we need to take? How many vehicles can attend the patrols? Do I need to call Kyle at Camino FS?

Thanks Daryl,


I would not recommend going that weekend. Forest Service crews are supposed to be working up there now and I am pretty sure they would not be pleased to have people driving through their work zone.

If you would like me to verify with the FS let me know.

Daryl, I think I misread your original post, sorry for that. Work this weekend on the trail by FS means we cannot drive the trail.

Am I correct then in reading this trail will be open to the public after this repair with no restrictions except for seasonal closures? My computer failed me on your links ( would not open them) , I mailed them to another pc to read later.

Thanks Daryl.





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