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Hey Norcal FJer's,

I just want to let you all know that you can upload photo's to your own page with your
cell phone's by sending the photo's via-email or sms. You can get your web page email address on
the left side of your page where is says CHANGE and just click on my photo and scroll to the bottom. It will upload all photo's to your page photo in a few seconds. Please make sure that you have a data plan on your cell phone account because it could get pretty expensive when uploading pictures.

An example of cell phone upload would be the hood scoop vent that is on my page.


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"...An example of cell phone upload would the hood scoop vent that is on my page."

...or this one I took at the A Flock of Seagulls concert!

"...and I raa-aa-an, I ran with my FJ!"
Dude I cannot believe that you went to go see them..

Even more amazing was they are still around to play..

I saw an interview with the lead singer (name escapes me) but he really hates that song now !!

Guess they don't have the hair to make that crazy hair doo LOL ..




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